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Mesmerising Metallic!

Mesmerising Metallic!

Personally, Ive always had a stack em high mentality when it comes to my bracelets, and the more the merrier! Bracelet stacking emerged as a big thing in the 80's thanks to the numerous iconic pop stars doing it at the time - Boy George loved to stack, as did Madonna and, as a young impressionable teenager, I was hooked straight away! I seem to remember at one point I wore them pretty much stacked to the elbows. I also seem to remember they made quite a lot of noise when I walked and were a nightmare when going through airport security


Okay, so these days Ive curbed the stack slightly but I have literally worn a collection on my right wrist of some description pretty much my entire adult life. Right now were talking a silver bracelet purchased on a holiday in Greece 12 years ago, a gold chain bracelet that my Dad used to wear, two wooden bead bracelets on string, a gift from my sister that have somehow managed to survive 7 years on the wrist. This is the current core collection that stays on all the time and Id feel positively naked without them.

 Lisa's Stack!

Of course I often jazz them up with the addition of a bangle or two, and sometimes the leather boot strap that belonged to my Grandfathers WW1 army boot (I should add that this is one of the last surviving members of the original collection. Yup, I really have been wearing it since I was 13!).
It also goes without saying that I often pile a few Disco Bead classics on there too, and this year Im made up!! Our Fairies have gone and done something quite special - designed a whole Metallic Bead range - perfect for a serial stacker such as myself!! Rose, Silver, Gold and Obsidian, were talking elegant, eye-catching and a delicious accompaniment to this years bang on trend floaty floral summer dress.
 Metallic Stack Disco beads
If youve never tried the stack, theres a limited edition ready-made one to get you going . Of course you can mix up your own too with Metallic Friendships  and stunning Message Bangles complete with their own motivational thought for the day.
Metallic Range Disco beads 
Theyve even designed Duo Bracelets and Duo Anklets where you get the best of all worlds - half Metallic Bead, half classic Disco Beads, so you can mix it all up by colour and tone all at the same time. We love you Disco Fairies :)
Duo Disco Beads 
Be warned though, if youre thinking about joining the pile em high brigade, once you stack you never go back!
 Winter is coming!
Of course we couldnt post on the blog today without mentioning G of T. How excited are we? Grab yourself our tribute G of T inspired charm bracelet and wear it with pride because theres no way round it now, 'Winter is Coming!'!
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