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March’s Birthstone - Inspiring Aqua

March’s Birthstone - Inspiring Aqua

With December’s birthstone being Blue Zircon, you’ll already know all about the amazing power of blue. The colour of communication, sensitivity and the creative arts, but it’s this particular shade that really gets the Disco Bead hearts going. March’s birthstone is none other than our partying mermaid, Oceana’s absolute fave gem of all time - Aquamarine. First called ‘water of the sea’ by Roman fishermen, Aquamarine used to be carried by sailors for good luck and protection. Oh, and the best bit is it is generally considered the stone of eternal youth and happiness! What’s not to love?

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Aquamarine march birthstone Disco Beads

The almost translucent turquoise of Aquamarine is the colour of the winter sky giving way to spring, and it’s an all round life-giver that can help us relax into being happy with where we are. It’s also a colour that can aid patience, cheerfulness and make us more dependable as its link to our Throat chakra helps us communicate what we really feel.

Of course our take on Aquamarine for our birthstone necklace this month is the stunningly eye-catching turquoise bead.

Birthstone Aquamarine Disco Beads

Aquamarine really is the perfect gem for March as the waters start to warm up and spring is in sight. It exudes the absolute exhilaration of the sea as well as its unique ability to calm and relax at the same time. It’s both soothing and cleansing, inspiring truth and the trust to let go making it a great stone to keep you company as you crack on with that much needed spring clean! This really is the time of year to let go of the old and bring in the new, and we’re not just talking clothes here because this deep and powerful gem can also help with the shifting of old patterns of behaviour and unhealthy habits.
vitamin sea Disco Beads
If you think about it, turquoise is one of the world’s wardrobe staple shades. Just look up on a sunny day and there it is, and lots of it (hopefully). Turquoise provides a fresh, welcome energy that helps us grow as it brings hope, a sense of discovery and ultimately a better life balance by promoting peace and inner harmony.
Turquoise makes a great colour to wear if you’re wanting to inspire confidence, and because of its underlying suggestion of creativity and even risk taking, it’s eye catching too and can make a strong impression, just don’t over do it as it can come across as a bit cold…
Aquamarine Disco Beads
The same goes for interiors. Pale blue or turquoise are the perfect colours to use in a relaxation space. It can also work well as a statement wall in a bedroom. In fact blue is one of the few colours where you can even use multiple shades of it in one space, it’s that versatile, but do go easy if you want to avoid an unwanted hint of Arctic.
So - whether you’re a March babe or not, we think you should make this the month where you have a bit of a clear out, then just sit back, relax and embrace your inner mermaid!
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