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Lynne Cantrill, Disco Angel

Lynne Cantrill, Disco Angel

Today we celebrate the life of Lynne Cantrill.

We first met Lynne when she applied for a part time temporary job as a Disco Fairy in the run up to Christmas 2014.  In her work trial we realised that she was incredibly talented, creative and most importantly a  brilliantly fun and friendly Northern lass!

Needless to say, after Christmas...she stayed and became a full time member of the Disco team for years!

Lynne was a larger than life character full of creative ideas for jewellery, art and music. She often entertained us at work making up funny songs with the accompaniment of her guitar and doing her best Pirate parodies!   She was a true Northerner, loving her tea and mastering the 'dunkonomics' of ALL  biscuits!

Lynne Cantrill

She was a natural born beader and specialised in wire work.  She created our wonderful 'Peacock' collection and had her own range of Dragonfly Arts and Crafts making,amongst other things, amazing intricate 'Tree of life' pieces.

Tree of life Lynne Cantrill

Lynne  was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in December 2016, bravely announcing both her upcoming marriage and her illness in possibly the hardest Facebook post of her life.   She was taken away from us earlier this month, too soon.

Her life was celebrated in true Lynne style: a Vicar handing out tots of rum on the beach, Celtic poetry and flowers thrown into the sea to carry her our messages of love.

Lynne Cantrill Little Fistral

Lynne, you were a truly amazing fairy, friend and festival fiend!  

Bless you my darling one, may we all shine as bright as you have.

So much love to all her family and friends, we are in this together.


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