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Five types of jewellery that can save your life!

Five types of jewellery that can save your life!

Do you wear a bracelet that means something to you or is it just to accessorise?

We all wear jewellery, it may be a simple ring or a statement necklace you wouldn't be seen dead without!

But did you know that there is even jewellery that can save your life? 

Five types of jewellery to save your life!


The amazing reflective cats eye nature of Disco Beads means that they will keep you seen at night when car headlights shine on you!   Really helpful on the dark Cornish lanes!  If you have never seen the effect..take a flash photo and be prepared to be amazed!

Disco Beads may not seem like life savers but  they can help in all sorts of situations, from popping a Disco Bead Charm on your dog collar to keep your pet safe to wearing them on your head so nobody looses you!  

We can also make bracelets for kids with a phone number in the middle, perfect for a festival or holiday where the kids could get anywhere!

Cats Eye Disco Beads - Glowing Beads


A Para cord bracelet is an outdoor survival must have, these unconventional bracelet are made out of rope all twisted and plaited together so when unravelled can become up to 12 feet of rope! It is also possible to get a version that holds a 5 in 1 possible life saving tool. it is wearable, cool and a must for all outdoor activities,  providing the wearer with a bottle opener, whistle, compass, flint and hand rope! It is an essential for campers, military men, boating, hunting and hiking. Who knew a bracelet had so many possibilities?  Present idea for Dad or that super cool Tom boy you know?  Just saying!

Para cord Bracalet


A bracelet that inflates!! Yes you read correctly, a self inflating possibly life saving bracelet! Simply pull the cord to activate this buoyancy aid. Ideal for swimmers, surfers, anyone that wants piece of mind on or in the water.

Self Inflating Bracalet


Medical ID bands have been worn for years, they have dramatically changed and become very stylish. Your Medical ID bracelet can compliment your look and become something you would love to wear not something you feel you have to wear every day. They can be made out of Leather, metal or customised specially for kids with a personalised touch. A medical ID band is a quick easy effective  way to communicate to a first responder that you have a special requirement, medical condition or even a food allergy.   We have often made funky diabetic alert Disco Bead straps...who says your life saving jewellery has to be boring?


Medical Id Bracelet


Did you know that by using the natural properties of materials such as magnets and Copper you can actually stimulate blood flow, relieve Arthritis and get natural pain relief?

The magnets work to increase blood flow, which in turn increases oxygen-carrying capacity. This helps you to feel more alert, energetic and even less tired and stressed!

Continued long-term use can positively alter the pH balance of body fluids, which keeps illnesses at bay.  

Magnetic copper jewellery

Another great present idea for someone who you care about that is suffering perhaps?

Whether you wear jewellery for fun or to stay alive....Rock It!

Keep Safe, Big Love

Josie x


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MIchelle hyde - October 27, 2017

How much would a diabetic alert bracelet be as my sister is diabetic and loves disco beads

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