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Let's Talk about Gin...!

Let's Talk about Gin...!

Forest bathing is the practice of taking a short, leisurely visit to a forest for health benefits such as the peace of mind created by wondering and wandering while being washed by nature.  It is actually a course prescribed by Japanese Doctors, called 'Shinrin-Yoku'!

The fresh greens and touch of silver magic of our new Spectrum made us think of Autumn evergreens and the gentle wash of leafy forests.  It was then just a happy coincidence that having created our beautiful new Spectrum, we named it Juniper!

Juniper - New Colour Spectrum Jewellery

After we launched the spectrum we realised that not only was it a wonderful colour scheme could also be linked with all the Fairies favourite tipple, GIN!

Southwestern Distillery - beautiful Gin made the old way!

And voila...who better to join with than our local South Western Distillery who produce the wonderful 'Tarquin's Gin'!    Here's what they have to say for themselves:

"The vision behind our small Cornish distillery is to make great-tasting spirits with integrity.

We aim to do this by going back to basics: using traditional techniques, quality ingredients and old-fashioned equipment.

Our copper pot still is fired by flame and judged by eye.

Our botanicals are selected by sight and feel.

Our bottles are all individually filled, corked, sealed, labelled, numbered and waxed by hand.

Our spirits are rigorously tested by nose and taste."

And we can absolutely vouch for that!  Their attention to detail and dedication to the botanical process has led to an incredible tasting and stylishly presented bottle of Gin.

WIN this bundle of Jewellery and Gin!

We are proud to join with them in presenting our Juniper competition!  WIN a set of our NEW Spectrum Disco Beads, bottle of Tarquin's Finest Gin and two beautiful engraved Tarquin's glasses!

To enter, simply LIKE the Facebook post HERE and don't forget to share the love!  Of course you have to be over 18 and we will ask for a copy of your passport if you are lucky enough to be the chosen one! See T's and C's here!

Good luck and Drink Responsibly!

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Melissa Blewett - October 31, 2017

Gin and disco beads, what more could a girl want!!

Kimberley burrows - October 31, 2017

Would absolutely love to win this fantastic giveaway thanks for the opportunity to win liked and shared x

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