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How Disco Beads Make me feel…

How Disco Beads Make me feel…

 I am a typical girl, I like to look and feel good about the appearance I display every day in what I clothes and accessories are a reflection on myself and how I want to be perceived by the world.

Like most girls, I strive every morning to look and feel good when I’m getting dressed, I have scouted for years to find the perfect size jeans, that little black dress that suits me perfectly but the one thing I put on every day that compliments me and makes me smile no matter what is my Disco Beads!

Whether I put them on my wrist, around my neck or as a touch of colour to my ankle they are the perfect accessory, with so many colours and styles to choose from I am never out of options.

The mini grad necklace is a bold statement around my neck and the ultra-fine bracelets are so easy to wear, most of the beads are made on super strong elastic. They're so easy to put on and switch and change as your mood suits!

These iridescent cats eye beads will make any ensemble complete and I never feel dressed without a Disco Bead…. They now even do hairclips, you can't have a bad hair day with one of that pride of place in your Barnette.

Stay Colourful and Rock your beads with pride!

Josie x

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Paula - December 19, 2016

Love love this blog ? and no one rocks the disco bead collection quite the same as the lovely josie ❤

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