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Free Shipping on UK orders £25+ : Want your Jewellery Customised? Give us a Shout!
Free Shipping on UK orders £25+!
Hello, we are the Disco Fairies and this is what we do......!

Hello, we are the Disco Fairies and this is what we do......!

We at Discobeads are a rare group of people...we call ourselves Disco Fairies! We sit around a table for 6 hours a day 7 days a week surrounded by beads coming up with all sorts of designs and colour combinations to make you beautiful jewellery you can wear all day, everyday! 

 Disco fairies

Our Christmas gift to you is a FREE GIFT BRACELET!  We will send one free to every customer who orders online here! 

disco fairies

We create unique pieces for customers, one off company colours and help out local charities by creating fantastic pieces that can be bought with a donation going towards their cause.
Disco Beads is a very special place to be, the shop is full of jewellery in all shapes and sizes for anyone  young and old alike! Pride of place in the centre of the store is our make your own bead table, available all day everyday for you to come in and come up with your own colour combinations and personalised jewellery.
Make your Own table
In the back is the behind the scenes hub where orders come in are processed and dispatched by a very special handful of fairies. Disco HQ down in the bay of Mawgan Porth is an essential stop off, whether your on holiday or a local passing by to say hello.
Disco Fairies Halloween
We love what we do and we do it all to help Spread the love! 
So next time you wear your Disco Bead jewellery let it be a symbol of handmade love, a statement to the world that you know the glow of our amazing beads and that your supporting all us fairies and help our wings keep flapping in a mission to spread the love throughtout the world one bead at a time!
Big Love from all of us!!
Josie and all the Disco Fairies xxx
disco fairies
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