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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Welcome, 2018!

It’s a new year, Were all back after the festivities. We've splurged on all things indulgent with a side of sprouts. I’m rocking my new socks through my Christmas jumper has been peeled off and put away, there is a bare mark where the tree used to be but I'm ready for January!  

We are all a little more rested, little plumper and a little bit more motivated for the new year. What will this year bring? New job, new hobble, new little black dress?

I’m looking forward to the next 12 months without the pressure! I'm not setting myself unrealistic goals or targets I’m going to 2018 with the attitude to accept change and bring on all this year has to throw at me.

With January being the month associated with the blues I’m staying positive and giving myself lots of things to look forward to and be grateful for. I've spent the last couple weeks with my beautiful family and friends feeling a lot more in touch with my favourite people. I'm ready to be back to work, looking forward to the new season by preparing a brand new Disco Beads spring/summer catalogue, we are all busy with lots of new bright Ideas, colours and summer spectrum's to work on! I've booked a Holiday to give myself something to look forward to, with the mundane routine back, a date in the diary to work towards gives you something to concentrate on.


January is one of the best months to shop till you drop, with January sales being a great time to grab a bargain! How about you revamp your wardrobe or restyle your image. Make it fun...seen those boots and thought i’m too old for them or seen that dress and thought when will i ever wear it.. Buy it, Treat yourself and don't feel guilty about the small things.

How about trying a new colour.....never been brave enough to wear red, rock it! if its a red lippie or a red statement Disco Bead necklace. My attitude, New year new you!

Disco Beads Winter sale is still on Online so why not think about accessorising that new look and add extra brightness into 2018!

Be brave, be bold and be who you wanna be!

Happy 2018!!

Big Love

Josie x

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