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Happy Mother’s Day (nearly)!

Happy Mother’s Day (nearly)!

When I was a kid I seem to remember feeling most disgruntled that there wasnt a Childrens Day. I couldnt understand it. Fathers had one, mothers had one, so why not children? What I didnt understand back then was that every day was childrens day, pretty much. I also didnt understand the enormous amount of work, effort and patience that went into being a mother (particularly my mother!). Mothers really do put in a lot of hours when it comes to their families, not to mention the unpaid overtime, so of course they deserve a whole day dedicated just to them!

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Mothers Day is a day to treat mothers everywhere to a little bit of something special. A day off at the very least (oh, and breakfast in bed would be good).


Mothers Day as a thing was started in America in 1905 by a lady called Anna Jarvis in recognition of her own mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis. Anna Jarvis also went on to spend the rest of her life (and most of her money) fighting the commercialisation of the date saying that it was meant to be a quiet day of reflection and appreciation. She was particularly appalled when Hallmark Cards got involved in the 1920's. However, it was a futile battle as Mothers Day is now a celebration that happens all over the World. Every single country bar none has a day to celebrate a mothers love and hard graft. You can read more about the history behind the day here

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In this country the date changes as it will always fall on the fourth Sunday in Lent. This year, that means Sunday March 31st, so you’d better get thinking if you haven’t already! That’s also the weekend we loose an hour’s sleep as the clocks go forward so that’s at least one less hour you’ve got to plan it!
We do have to agree with Anna Jarvis on one thing, and that is if youre treating your mum to a gift (as well as breakfast in bed and allowing her to put her feet up all day), rather than something generic, make it personal. Something shell treasure. Something just for her, like a birthstone necklace for her birth month for example? Show her that youve thought about it more than a cursory stroll down the supermarket Mothers Dayaisle. Clearly chocolates are always going to go down well but this year why not add something a bit more special? Of course there is nothing more special than some funky reflective Disco Bead magic! Were all about spreading the love, so what better time to do just that than on Mothers Day?
Disco Beads Mother's Day
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