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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

As you know, here at Disco Beads we are all about spreading the love to everyone every day of the year, apart from two exceptions that is… We’re officially putting it out there - we love having days dedicated to all the Mums and Dads!

As always, three weeks before Easter Sunday, it’s the turn of Mothers everywhere. Sunday March 22nd is Mother’s Day!

Millifiore  Glass Doubles

Yes it’s time to big up that special person who cares for us, nurtures us, puts up with our tantrums, encourages us and mops our tears when we fall over. Mums really do help shape who we become, so let’s all of us say a big thank you.

Of course this year, with everything that’s going on, we appreciate that for some of you Mother’s Day might be spent indoors, so we’ve come up with a few ways to show your Mum some love, and have fun at the same time.

How about a bit of good old fashioned home baking for starters? Mother’s Day cupcakes, maybe? There are some fabulous suggestions from

Good Housekeeping here.

Scarf with free bracelet

Flowers have always played a big part in Mother’s Day, and who doesn’t like getting a bunch of beautiful fresh flowers? This year though, how about going paper based..? Make her some flowers that will literally last for ever?! There are some amazing creations for you to have a go at here.
You can always indulge in a little Disco Bead magic too! With flowers and hearts and even a matching  scarf and bracelet, our Disco Fairies have come up with a little something for every Mum out there.
Flower Bracelets
And going back to time indoors, don’t forget you could always spend the day making your own Disco Beads! We’ve got a limited edition Spring Pack with Mint, Mauve and Orchid Super Fine (6mm)  Disco Beads. You can mix and match them with an exclusive selection of Fimo Flower Beads and Silver metallic flower spacers. And just to add a spring-like finishing touch, we’re including a free pot of seedballs to celebrate our Disco Bee's charity with an information card about the 900 wildflowers they will grow! 
Spring MYO kit
Whatever you’re doing, we’re sending all you Mother’s out there so much love for a wonderful Mother’s Day. 
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