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International  Happiness Day!

International Happiness Day!

Today has got to be one of our favourite days, because today is International Happiness Day. 'Hi-five' to that! In fact, in order to celebrate, why not give everyone you meet a hi-five today? Okay, maybe not, but there lots of other ways you can help spread the happiness

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Every year, March 20th is a day dedicated to all things happy, and you can really let loose on this one with happiness coming in so many different shapes and sizes. First, lets start with you. The bigger things that can open the tap of happiness are obvious. A holiday with loved ones; Seeing a best friend you havent caught up with for a while; Breakfast in bed on a Sunday; Curled up by a roaring log fire in the depths of winter with your favourite book. The list goes on. For human beings at least, happiness is one of the primary emotions needed to make us feel rounded and connected to the world. In fact happiness is now understood to be an emotion vital to our general health and wellbeing. Did you know that it can even affect how we digest our food?

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And happiness really does come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, which means quite often we miss out on some of the smaller happy moments. The ones that get lost in the frenzy of our day. A random smile from a stranger; A waft of fresh spring air; Birds singing without a care in the world. If you spend a bit of time looking out for them, even on those darker days when the wind is howling, the washing machine has packed up, your mobiles stopped working and the kids are screaming, there are always happy moments out there waiting to lift you up, but only if you take a minute to notice them.

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A while back I talked about the art of mindfulness, well mindfulness and happiness go hand in hand. In fact so perfect is their pairing there are several books out there on the subject as well as online resources to help, like this one. Action for Happiness is a movement centred around building a happier and more caring society, and there are lots of tips on how to do just that on their website - (
Living life mindfully is right up there as one of their 10 keys to happiness!
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Their Patron, the Dalai Llama, once said, Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.As a race, we have the unique ability to actually make happiness not just for ourselves, but for other people, and thats what lies at the heart of International Happiness Day.
With its ethos rooted in creating a happier world for everyone, this years theme for International Happiness Day is Happier Together.
So today is not only about appreciating happiness, its about spreading it far and wide. Happiness really is best served as a two way thing and the smile you give out will always come back to you. In fact the smile you give out may well be the one that makes someones day.
So go forth and spread that happiness. Wear your Disco Beads with a spring in your step and sparkle like you've never sparkled before!
Oh, and if youre looking for that extra little lift, how about the fact today is officially the last day of Winter. Yay!!
So happy spring equinox, and a big Disco Fairy cheers to International Happiness Day.
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