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Go for Green - May’s Birthstone

Go for Green - May’s Birthstone

With the weather being as up and down as it has been, rain one minute and sun the next, in Cornwall we have been truly blessed recently with what can only be described as a sudden explosion of the most abundant greens everywhere you look! It’s a strange phenomenon because every year I almost forget trees have leaves until they appear again in spring. A crazy thing when I am literally surrounded by them. Bit by bit the countryside colours itself in and the air is filled with the scent of exciting new growth, and we love it!  

Disco Beads May birthstone

So, its not surprising then that the stunningly gorgeous and enigmatic Emerald is this month’s birthstone. Deep green and thoroughly magical, the qualities of this stone are nothing short of abundant. It’s a life-affirming stone with great integrity offering support, inspiration and patience. It’s often referred to as the ‘stone of successful love’ as it encourages togetherness, unconditional love and partnership by helping to keep everything in balance. Emerald opens the heart chakra and has a calming effect on the emotions. It eliminates negativity, promotes positive action and focuses the attention by raising the state of consciousness. It’s a stone of regeneration and recovery that offers mental clarity, strengthening memory and broadening your vision of the world by deepening your knowledge of yourself.

Disco Beads Emerald

It was once believed that Emerald could offer protection from magic and even be used as an aid to telling the future! Columbia is now the largest Emerald producer in the world, but they have appeared on ancient antiquities as far back as 1500 BCE.
So - our beautiful birthstone necklace this month is, you’ve guessed it - Emerald! 
Now let’s talk about the colour green… In Ireland it’s considered unlucky to decorate your space in green despite it being the national colour of St Patrick’s Day. It’s believed that the colour of green is a ‘dead colour’ as opposed to the living greens in nature, and it’s because of this ‘bad luck’ reputation that, historically, green is not a colour widely used in the home or in fashion despite it being an extremely restful one that has the ability to relax the nervous system!
Emerald Disco Beads
It’s the natural colour of the heart chakra and the colour of balance and harmony being the combination of yellow at the hot end of the spectrum   and blue at the cold. As it’s the darker colour that wins out, the lighter the green, the more positive its influence. Darker greens (with dominant blue) can often be associated with jealousy and resentment, where pale greens are new ventures, particularly those of a practical nature. I’m thinking maybe it’s time to crack on with that weeding??
Happy month of May one and all :)
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