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Get Summer Ready (starting with the feet!)

Get Summer Ready (starting with the feet!)

After a blazing hot Easter when Cornwall basked in glorious sunshine, suddenly the temperatures drop and we’re back to covering up complete with a Winter coat and woolly hat. Talk about a shock to the system! Even my dogs were confused, but it got me thinking…

According to the weather experts, one of the downsides of global warming (one of many, of course) is that we can expect more extreme weather events at both ends of the scale. Just think of the number of crazy cyclones, or the freezing over of Chicago last year when temperatures fell to minus 26. Insane!

Disco beads Anklets

Right now the UK is in the hands of the jet stream. As usual one minute it’s sitting underneath us sucking down cold air from the north, then five minutes later (okay, maybe not that quickly) it’s slipped north and is pulling hot air up from the south. Remember that relentlessly sodden summer a few years ago when it rained for weeks on end? I remember wondering why it is no-one has come up with a bit of kit that can just shove along that pesky low-slung jet stream. Still - they haven’t, so all we can do for now is expect the unexpected.
 Disco beads Anklets
The lesson here is to be prepared…
When the sun came out at Easter, so did the feet, and when I looked down at mine after a winter safely tucked away in socks and boots, oh my. Time for some hard work, but then I remembered something… The joy that is adding an anklet! Popping an anklet onto a slightly forlorn foot can make all the difference. Yay! So, after a quick tidy up and the addition of a bit of sparkle courtesy of my stunning new Silver and Electric Metallic Duo Anklet , my feet were ready to rock the sunshine. Job done!
Disoc beads Anklets with trainers
Anklets are the way to go. They are the new pedicure! You can go single colour, metallic, multi coloured, silver, shiny, sparkly, or all the above. Stacking the anklet is going to be big this season...which is why we do our 3 for £12 Anklet offer
Whatever your thing, an anklet is guaranteed to add a dose of Summer to any outfit, and they’ve been around for a very long time. There is even evidence of their popularity going back as far as the Egyptians, but it’s India that really went for it on the Anklet front.
Disco Beads Anklets
What I also realise now, particularly with weather as changeable as ours, is that Anklets are one of those signs of Summer that if you keep wearing them, a little bit of Summer sunshine stays with you. Trust me. Anklets look great teamed with a trainer, so whatever the weather you can still have Summer swagger in your step.
Go for it, kids, and this year our beautiful Disco Fairies have come up with some crackers..Limited Edition anklets go live every Friday so keep checking back!
Be prepared and start getting Summer ready!
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