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Festival Friends!

Festival Friends!

Part of the joy of doing the Festival circuit is meeting new friends and fellow creatives!  Glastonbury is a hive of entrepeneurial enterprises, and we so happen to be lucky enough to have some as neighbours! 

Asbeau are an insanely talented couple who create incredible works of art, custom pieces and a whole range of useful stuff from upcycled and preloved goods...100% VEGAN too!  Check out their will love it!
Flamingo Fandango!
We talked about doing some collaborations together and Flamingo Fandango saw the first of those!  Their epic laser cut Flamingo with long Disco Beads legs is a real statement piece!
Disco Beads Flamingo
And the great news is...we have more collaborations to come!
Part of our Wild West Country Range sees the showdown of the Kitsch Cactus...Never knowingly under-dressed, and you just wait for the rest of the Party Animal range coming soon...It's a HOOT!
Wild West country Disco Beads Cactus
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