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Diamonds: Everyone’s Best Friend! – April Birthstone

Diamonds: Everyone’s Best Friend! – April Birthstone

When a past boyfriend once asked what my birthstone was and I replied “Diamond!” his response was (other than to nervously shuffle his feet as he mentally dismissed whatever gift idea he’d had in mind), “Of course it is.” But, know what? It is!

Us lucky April babes get to have one of the World’s most valuable gemstones as our birthstone! Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and all that. Of course this is a phrase widely attributed to that famous supporter of the diamond, Marilyn Monroe, but she wasn’t wrong. Diamonds really do look good with absolutely everything. Their glittery transparency is guaranteed to add a magical touch to any evening out, but the magic doesn’t stop there...

Disco Beads Snow White
Diamonds are literally billions of years old. There is evidence that they were being traded in India as early as the 4th Century BC. In the 1st Century AD, a Roman naturalist said, “Diamond is the most valuable not only of precious stones, but of all things in the World!”
The countries that are the main sources of diamonds have changed over time. India was the World’s main player until the 1700s when its supplies started to decline and Brazil took over, that was until the late 1800s when a huge diamond reserve was discovered in South Africa. These days, there are diamond mines in many countries with the work often undertaken under armed guard they’re that precious!
The World’s largest gem-quality rough diamond was found in South Africa in 1905. Called The Cullinan Diamond (named after the mine’s Chairman), it weighs in at a whopping 621g (over 3000 carats) and is currently worth over 400 million dollars!
Diamonds are incredibly strong (one of the only materials in the world that can cut through glass) and it’s because of this innate strength that in ancient cultures Kings often carried diamonds into battle to make them feel stronger.
Cullinan diamond
Diamonds have always been considered powerful. It is believed they will enhance the strength, love, and clarity of relationships; which is why they are the stone of choice for engagement rings and tokens of love. Diamonds attract abundance and are symbols of wealth. Not just materially however, but spiritually as it is also a gem of purity and honesty. Energetically it is excellent for relieving electromagnetic stress, and can even protect us against any damage from mobile phones!
Quite simply, diamonds enhance and support anything they touch. The power of any crystal will increase ten fold in the presence of a diamond.
Psychologically the qualities of a diamond will not only aid courage, its clarity will shine light on any aspects of you that may need a little TLC... Diamonds clear emotional pain and aid new beginnings enabling transformation as they also stimulate imagination and inventiveness.
disco beads Birthstone
Spiritually, it’s the gem that keeps on giving. Linked to the Crown Chakra it creates a strong connection between our earthly and higher selves and clears the aura of anything that gets in the way aiding personal growth.
In truth, the list of a diamond’s qualities is endless!
Unfortunately, being that kind of gem means they are out of reach for most of us cost-wise, so enter Cubic Zirconia! Cubic Zirconia is a synthesized material that can be cut to look so identical to diamond you’d be hard pressed to know the difference.
Our take on this beautiful stone for this month’s Birthstone Necklace  in all its reflective glory is our purest of the pure - the Snow White Disco Bead.
So come and join us April babes. Wear it proud let it help you shine like the diamond that you are!
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