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Colourful Collaborations!

Colourful Collaborations!

We love creative people...and if they want to get creative with us then that is even better!

Since day one we have been collaborating with local artists, seamstresses, sculptors and visionaries of every description! Here are some examples of what you can do with a little bit of effort and a big imagination!

Rachel Berrington - Wildwood Wire Work

Wonderfully artistic Rachel has long been making our Mermaids, Seahorses, Fairies and even custom pieces like a Disco chicken and  Pegasus!

She skilfully forms shapes from galvanised wire and incorporates the Disco Beads as feature touches of colour and design. 



Carol Whibley - Sculptor

We were approached by Carol for some beads to compliment her vision for a series of pieces inspired by nature.  The feeling of movement and flow that they created were a joy to display in the shop, and we absolutely loved having them!
Carol Wilbey Scuptor

Colleen Waugh - Creative Genius!

Colleen is an Illustrator and has amazing vision and creative va va voom!
Over the years she has been the instigator of amazing and varied pieces such as Wreaths, Home Wares and Christmas Decorations!  We love her style!
Disco Beads Wreath

Leon Hickmott - Play Cornwall Photography

'Play' is the right word...Leon sure knows how to do that!
Local creative photographer and Playmobil afficionado Leon created a whole series of fun images using colourful Playmobil and Disco Beads.  These make brilliant quirky images and featured as our stall dressing for 'The Secret Garden Party' where the theme was Childish Things, and also as the posters for our local festival 'Chill at the Mill'.  A fun time was had by all!
 Disco fairydisco Hopscotch

Karandave - The Artsandcraft Shed and creators of Scrubber Johnnies

We are so lucky to have these wonderful people as neighbours!  Over the years we have seen their amazing productivity and evolution from Stencils and Paper cuts to incredibly elaborate laser cut 3d Automatons!
We have been fortunate to work with them on the creation of our Original pendant designs, Christmas Decorations and a whole world of bead and wood combined fantabulousness!
Laser Cut Decorations
Collaboration is the way forward!
It is always exciting to work with like minded creative people, and pooling resources and expertise can lead to results that are so much more rewarding because they have been achieved together!  Sharing the success of a joint venture, and learning from each other in the process, is a reward in itself! We all have our own skill set and by working together we are stronger than the sum of our parts! 
Do you have an idea we could get involved with?
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