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Chill at the Mill

Chill at the Mill

How lucky are we?

The gorgeous homeland of Disco Beads is Mawgan Porth and as if that's not enough .. We have our own local festival here!!

Chill at the Mill is our favourite 500 person event for sure!

The Festival is held on the late May Bank Holiday and is hosted by the incomparable Retorrick Mill, which happens to also be the home of the impeccable Scott and Babs 'Wood Fired Food' eating establishment. Both of the aforementioned are an indispensable part of any visit to the  area. Needless to say that the event is full of yummy food ...mmmm!!

Retorrick Mill is a beautiful natural setting

Chill at the Mill majors on Funk and Reggae but does also have some rock/blues, indy and acoustic acts for added fun :)

Now lining up for year 5 , previous headliners include:

BackBeatSoundSysytem , Dub Pistols, Black Roots, Future Disco and French reggae from the Banyans .. this year in 2017 look forward to : 

Dub Pistols have Chill at the Mill totally off the scale!!


Kuenta i Tambu , Chainska Brassika and many more .. bring it on!

Disco Beads is very proud to produce the official wrist band for the 4th year in a row..

'The Chill' bracelets turn up on wrists at festivals all over the country .. and we love to giving the 'Chillers' a little wearable to take away from the event..

 Join the party here


ps. here I am about to hit the stage with The Burners

Five to get ready!! Headlining Sunday night at Chill at the Mill 2015



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