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Childrens Jewellery

Childrens Jewellery

My daughters love dressing up.. They are always running around in their princess accessories consisting of tiaras, jewels and glitter. They're typical little ladies who take after their mother and dress as they feel. Although unlike me they can get away with wearing stripes, polka dots and floral ensembles all at once!

They never leave the house without over accessorizing (if that's even possible) and have a jewellery box full of Disco Beads.

Kids Jewellery - Over Accessorized

They love coordinating with me as we rock our Mumma - Daughter beads, The Posy Spectrum looks great on young or old. The Kids Hair Clips are also super cute and perfect for the Spring season, just clip them into their hair and job done! All the kids jewellery is made from super strong elastic so no clasps or fastenings, perfect for little fingers!

Make your Own Jewellery

Children can also pop into the shop at Mawgan Porth to make their own Jewellery, with our fully stocked bead table, Children love to make their own creations that they can wear with pride knowing they will be wearing something completely unique to them!

Disco Beads Kids Jewellery is the perfect birthday present, Party bag filler, pocket money splurge and treat for praising good behaviour.

Stay Unique, Big Love



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