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Children's Hospice South West

Children's Hospice South West

Disco Beads NEW partner charity is Children's Hospice Southwest. 

Help us to help them here!

Children's Hospice South West are an amazing Charity who for 25 years have been providing caring for children with life-threatening conditions, offering hospice care and a place where each family member can find time and space to feel normal and do the things they enjoy as a Mum, as a Dad, as a brother or sister: as a family, not overwhelmingly as a carer.

Children's Hospice South West Charity Beads

Our local hospice is called Little Harbour which opened its doors to families in December 2011. It is set in a spectacular coastal location overlooking St. Austell Bay with beautiful views out to sea, and is designed and built with a view to celebrating Cornish building traditions.  Little Harbour has the feel of a ‘holiday home’ in a relaxed seaside setting but provides an invaluable space and support for families and their children with life-threatening conditions.

Ball Pool little Harbour

It offers individual children’s bedrooms, accommodation for parents and siblings, a wide range of play and therapy facilities – including a messy play area, soft play room, a hydrotherapy pool and a multi-sensory room – and a homely family kitchen and living room.  Every detail has been thought out and they thoroughly deserve all our support!
You can help by purchasing from our Childrens Hospice South West Collection, and £1 from every discounted purchase goes directly to them!
Perhaps if you are local you could offer further support by getting involved in their events, such as the Rainbow Run in June?  We will see you there!

Rainbow Run

Or perhaps you could find some time to do some Volunteering?  What better way to show your support and give back for your own good fortune?

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