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Check Your Boobs!

Check Your Boobs!


We LOVE our CoppaFeel! bracelets.... But that isn't what these are all about... they are to Spread a message.... A VERY important one!

The CoppaFeel! know your boobs so you can spot any changes or differences as soon as possible!

Boob Check list


What happens if during your monthly boob check, you notice something that isn’t quite normal for you? Remember, nobody knows you body better than you do so be confident and BOOK AN APPOINTMENT as soon as you notice something unusual for you.

If you wonder what happens next, see what the Doctor is likely to say and do here. 

There is a genetic link with breast cancer and if you are concerned about this then make sure you discuss this with your doctor. However, if you are found to carry one of these genes it doesn’t automatically mean that you will get breast cancer, only that your risk slightly increases.

Remember, the best way to avoid any breast issues in the future is to KNOW YOUR BOOBS AND CHECK REGULARLY! 

Did you know that the wonderful people at CoppaFeel! will send you a monthly check up text reminder?  SIGN UP HERE!

So....Please.... CHECK YOUR BOOBS!!!

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