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Care for what you LOVE!

Care for what you LOVE!

We work by the Beach.... and we LOVE IT!

We don't keep reminding you as a way to rub it in, but we just absolutely LOVE it and want to shout it from the roof tops (or the dunes as they are on the way to our gorgeous beach!)

Blue Whale

BUT.... yes there is always a but! Our gorgeous beach and those around the UK unfortunately suffer from waste plastic and fishing debris and have all sorts of things wash up or get left behind by those that visit the beach. 

There are ways we can help though!  We pick up any litter we see everytime we walk on the beach...just imagine if every visitor and beach user did this everyday, we would all be better off!

This Sunday we want to take action and do something small for a couple of hours that can make a huge difference, and do it together!

Plastic removed from the beaches

We are attending the The Mawgan Porth Beach Clean - Sunday 21st July from 10.30am, to do our bit. This has been organised by our lovely next door neighbors from Married to the Sea who are working with "South West Beach Care project", part of the  Keep Britain Tidy scheme. This Also coincides with Keep Britain Tidy's  #LoveParks Week, but seeing how the sea is our playground, we thought the beach would be a good place to look after this week!

Love Pars Week - Keeping Britain Tidy

Our first beach clean will start from the Married to the Sea shop next to Disco Beads in Mawgan Porth at 10.30 am. Please join us...any help to keep our beautiful beach clean is appreciated. We will be having refreshments after at the amazing and newly opened BeachBox, so it would be lovely to see you there too!

All you need to bring is yourself, a smile and your best 'Action Man' eagle eyes to spot any of the terrible plastic that is choking our seas. Everyone is most welcome!

See you there!


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