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All about  Ombre!

All about Ombre!

Unlike the other Disco Bead Fairies (and probably because I’ve never had hair long enough!), I actually had no idea what Ombré was, but was hooked as soon as I found out it’s the art of blending colour! And it is an art, believe me. Choosing what exact shade goes next to create a smooth transition isn’t easy, as our Fairies discovered when they were creating the beautiful new Ombré range…

ombre disco beads

Of course, it’s a stunning effect when applied to hair (and beads!), but what else is it used for? Turns out, all sorts. The word comes from the French word ‘ombrer’, meaning ‘to shade’. (Strange fact alert: As a noun, Ombre was the name given to a hugely popular trick-based card game widely played across Europe in the 17th-18th Centuries!)

ombre disco beads

In textile design, Ombré was a technique developed in the early days of mass fabric printing at the start of the 19th Century using a ‘rainbowed’ block to create a graduated colour effect but, as fashions moved, on it disappeared for a while giving way to block colour and pattern.


An Ombré sunset

Ombre Sunset


Recently, however, Ombré has had a massive resurgence and become a major new trend in interior design to create stunning effects on walls, furniture and textiles. Also called ‘degradation’ or ‘gradient’, it is simply where one tint moves to the next. To get it right though is extremely hard as it needs to be seamless with each shade blending perfectly, otherwise we’re talking stripes! The key is in choosing the right tone. Too light, and you have nowhere to go to. Too dark, and the same thing will happen. Therefore it works best with mid tones. Think a gentle peachy orange moving to a soft blue, much like a sunset. Again, fabrics have followed suit to add the finishing touch with curtains and soft furnishings. To see some examples of what we’re talking about, just search online for ‘Ombré Interiors’ or pop it into Pinterest, and we guarantee you’ll be inspired!
So now you can see how on-the-button our Disco Bead Fairies are, we say bring on the Ombré!
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