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Bring on the Bling!

Bring on the Bling!

This whole business about sparkle being confined to the home in the form of tinsel on a tree, well ask any Disco Bead Fairy and they’ll say sparkle is most definitely NOT just a Christmas decorations thing!  We believe that sparkle is the way to go for everyone and everything, especially  at this time of year!

A dictionary will tell you the meaning of sparkle is ‘to shine brightly with lots of points of small light’. However, it will also tell you that if a person sparkles, they are ‘energetic, interesting and exciting’!


So how about you sprinkle a little extra festive excitement into your life, and bring on the bling?


Diamante Duo Bracelets

Diamante Duo 
Ever looked at your wardrobe and wondered what on earth you’re going to wear to the Christmas work’s do? Can’t possibly bring out the same little black dress as last year, or can you? Why not give it another airing, but this time jazz it up big style with some glitzy glamour? And how about lighting up your day times too? Imagine how much jollier that frantic last-minute supermarket dash would be if, when you reached for that all-important blue cheese, you blinded your fellow shoppers with some sparkle?
Diamante Duo Disco Beads
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so said Marilyn Monroe, and she wasn’t wrong. The perceived understanding of this phrase is down to the price of the average diamond (suggesting girls like lots of money spent on them). We believe it’s actually more to do with the fact that when a person sparkles, male or female, they light up the room. No-one can ignore a bit of glitter! 
diamante duo bracelets Disco Beads
To make it easier, we’ve gone all out on the sparkle this year, and watch this space because we haven’t finished yet. Every week they’ll be something new allowing you to bring more and more glittery goodness to the party season.
First off, there’s the new Sparkle collection with a necklace, bracelet and earrings available in Baby Pink, Ice, Mint, Orchid and Snow. Pop these on with your little black dress, and watch those heads turn!
sparkle Collection Disco Beads
If freestyle sparkle is more your thing, there’s the Diamanté Long. Is it a bracelet? Is it a necklace? It’s whatever you want it to be, so long as you let it shine, not that you’ll have a choice!
Diamante Long Disco Beads
In true Disco Beads style, we’ve also come up with something so you can spread the sparkle - the dainty and delicate Rose Gold Friendship Bracelet with its diamond studded bar.
tassel earrings disco Beads 
Sparkly in a different way, how about the fabulous statement fringed Tassle earrings in Navy, Ice, Snow and Coral (this seasons star colour.)
But, like we said, don’t let it stop there. Stack ‘em high and sparkle like the star you are! This is the season where bringing a bit of bling to the world is only ever going to make you and everyone around you feel like the party season has well and truly begun.
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