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Blowing the Blues Away

Blowing the Blues Away

With all the turmoil and upheaval going on at the moment, its more important than ever to take a bit of a breather from time to time and give yourself a break from it all! Weve already talked about the mindfulness thing but, know what? Sometimes just embracing the elements and getting outside for a bit will do the trick. Theres a saying down in Cornwall - Theres no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing, and its so true. If youre dressed for the occasion, it can be the best thing ever.

Winter walks Disco Beads 

Lots of us Disco Fairies have dogs which means that, whatever the weather, our pooches will need at least one decent trot, so its on with the waterproofs (and often that includes those lovely trousers!), the gloves and hats, and off we go.

Honestly, some of the best walks Ive ever had have been the real bracing ones with waves crashing against the cliffs as Im being blasted by full-on wind and pelting rain. In fairness, I think Ive often enjoyed them more than my dogs! Then theres the best bit - getting home feeling all alert and wide awake to the world, sticking the kettle on, drying off and warming up. Of course all this does have to wait until Ive dried the dogs before they do it for themselves on the sofa!
 Winter walks Disco Beads
There really is nothing like fresh air to clear the mind, and often its easy to forget that when its cold and wet out there. Until I had dogs and going outside became a daily necessity, I would often just hunker down in the winter months, stick on a good box set or three and re-surface around March. My outside excursions limited to going to work or the supermarket, which usually involved a bus. But now the dogs have left me no choice, I really do appreciate the massive brain changing benefits of a daily dose of the outdoors and how it really does lift the spirits unlike anything else.  
Did you know that in Japan, Forest Bathing or 'Shinrin Yoku' is one of the
cornerstones of their healthcare system?
 Forest Bathing
Basically a good old romp in the wilds of winter is guaranteed to blow away those January blues!!
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