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Behind the scenes of our new Catalogue!

Behind the scenes of our new Catalogue!

The tricky thing about shooting the next seasons catalogue is the weather!! We are always waiting for overcast days in Summer for Autumn looking shots, and the very worst is trying to take sunny pics in Winter without waiting for the very last moments in Spring when we really need the Catalogue to be finished!

This year we were especially lucky however, because Disco Billy is Australian and we could time our visit to see the family with an Aussie Summer...not bad hey?

We boarded the plane with our look book and Disco Beads...and the mission was on!

First stop (after big family cuddles and a few trips to the beach) was to scope out some venues!

We enjoyed patrolling the streets of the big city, looking for interesting backdrops and textures to recreate our look book!  It is actually a really fun thing to do and helps you appreciate a place and perhaps investigate areas you wouldn't usually visit!

Graffiti Disco Beads

Locations found, the next step was to line up some models!

Meet Billy's sisters!!!

Summer Disco Beads

The second youngest was super keen....with an awesome wardrobe to raid!  She is a child of the social media generation so knows all the moves and is not shy!

 Disco Beads Fine Bead

His youngest sister was happy to help....and  nine months pregnant! That was slightly more challenging but hey....could you tell?

Disco Beads Super and Ultra Fine

Finally we needed a photographer.  We had a few leads but the time scale was kind of tricky...until a family birthday party and voila.....who turned up with a massive Nikon? Brother in law!  Photographer found!  

@frenchographer Disco Beads Hero!

Weather is not such a problem in Summer in fact the greatest threat is sunburn!  The day came and we all met at the beach, box of clothes, bags of Disco Beads, various props and the story board of locations pre-arranged!  Needless to say we had a fun and very hot time, got all the outside shots we needed and left the studio shots for back in old Blighty and our usual photo whizz Tom. But yes, we were sunburned!

So it only remains to say a MASSIVE thanks to the sisters and @frenchographer...without you it wouldn't have been so much fun!

Summer Disco Beads

The rest, as they say, is history.....but I bet you can't guess what the background for the cover really is?  And no I am not going to tell you!  You need to have some secrets!

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