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Be More Zen!

Be More Zen!

The temperature has most definitely dipped, which is fair enough considering its September, but are we really ready to let go of Summer yet when it feels like only yesterday we got excited about it being just round the corner? Are we having to brace ourselves in order to dig out those jackets and dust off the wellies? Of course a sweltering Indian summer could be on its way, but heres to being prepared in case its not, and its all about embracing change.

Zen Bracelet and Mala Inspired Necklace 

Theres no denying it, seasonal or otherwise, welcoming change is often hard, but the good news is getting better at it can be learned. Were not just talking about big changes either. As we all know, even minor changes like the interruption of a daily routine by something unexpected can spin us out.

The bottom line is: Change is good. Well even go as far as to say change is great! Change is where the real growth happens and invaluable life lessons randomly present themselves. So why is it sometimes change can make us want to run for the hills? Its because its new, and new can be uncomfortable. You just need to remember the discomfort is only until it stops being new any more.
One of the best way to deal with change is to be more Zen. The definition of the word Zen is relaxed and not worrying about things you cannot change, and we love it. For a start, a season is just that. Its a change that no one can have any influence over. No matter how crazy the world gets, days turn to nights and the seasons come and go. Fact.
 Zen and Buddha Necklaces limited Edition
So next time you find yourself trying to wriggle away from change, we promise that if you accept the things you can do nothing about, and welcome in the new rather than resisting it, the transition will be a lot easier..not to mention way more exciting!
Of course the Disco Fairies have come up with a few little pieces that might help too. Theres the brand new Zen Anklet and Bracelet featuring the colours of the chakras, and of course the beautiful Mala Inspired Necklace which is all about enabling us to move towards a more peaceful and enlightened existence.  For a limited time we have a set of Limited Edition Zen and Buddha Necklaces in three funky colours too!
Zen Collection Disco beads 
But its not just being Zen, its also about having fun! So get out and about and breathe in that fresh Autumn breeze. Open your eyes to the explosion of colour all around you and, while youre at it, why not have a kick about in a pile of leaves?!
Love, Lisa x
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