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Bargain Hunter Extraordinaire

Bargain Hunter Extraordinaire

I am a self-confessed bargain hunter…. I thrive off a SALE sign and the thought of getting something cheaper or for free brings me over all excited! I love to search the clothes rails for that last little piece to finish off a look or outfit and compliment my style!

Hunting for that special bargain


My favourite way to shop, is the hunter gatherer style…. like a cave women hunting for her prey. Lady on a mission. I love a good boot sale and my favourite shops include charity shops and the like's of TK MAXX where things are to be scrutinized and hunted for…the beauty of shopping this way means all expectations for a bargain are on a whim and the purchases at the end of the day all wrapped up in a carrier means I have worked for that sought after treat!

Sometimes hunting through the shops isn’t possible and this is where the internet comes in to fulfill my deal desire. Disco Beads have always asked what customers want and have listened to MY want for a bargain and developed a special page on the website dedicated to SPECIAL OFFERS!!

Get the Layered look instantly with our bundles

All the bundles on offer have huge savings and are a great way to start your bead obsession. Bundles are made up of matching products that look great when worn together… I’m coming over all jittery just looking at the bargains to be had!

So, head on over to the offers page on the website for the latest deals and make sure to keep checking out the website, as some offers are limited to only a few pieces so can come and go like our wonderful 'Little Wren'!

 Little Wren Bird Necklace - Great Deal

One way that I like to keep updated on what’s available is via the Disco Beads Facebook page. They have great competitions and all the latest news and offers are posted there. If you also like to be the first to know, then make sure you sign up for the newsletter as you can receive early notification and exclusive offers.

And you MUST keep a look out for the Fairy that IS a bargain!

Big Love & Happy Bargain Hunting




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jasmine - March 2, 2017

hi Josie
would it be possible if the feather limited edition necklaces could return?
could you make a limited edition BFF necklace for my daughter and her best friend?

from jasmine x

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