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Bag It Up!

Bag It Up!

It’s funny how it’s almost too hard to remember now - that every time you went to the supermarket, out would come a stream of branded plastic carrier bags. No questions asked. Bags that would likely just be thrown into that ‘plastic bag cupboard' crammed full of them. So easily we have managed to adjust our habits to mean that asking for a plastic bag these days is a rarity. It’s this kind of shift in thinking that our planet needs more of, and it goes to show how quickly we’re able to embrace change when we really try. Of course a certain amount of corporate buy in by the retailers was required to get us there, but no question about it, it’s worked.

Polka Dot Bags Disco Beads 

Down here in Cornwall we take massive pride in our stunning beaches and breathtaking countryside, and that includes encouraging everyone who comes to visit to do the same. It’s not just the simple task of taking their own leftovers away with them, why not pick up an extra bit or two that’s been left behind by the less considerate? I have a rule. Whenever I walk my dogs on the beach or in the woods, I always leave with at least one bit of rubbish. (More often than not it’s way more than just the one.)

I reckon that if everyone did the same and every walk meant one more bit of rubbish in the bin, much like the rapid switch to bags for life, our habits would soon change and the planet would undoubtedly thank us for it. At this stage in the game, every little helps!
Beach Rubbish Art
All of us Disco Fairies like to do as much as we can to make this world an altogether healthier, shinier and happier place to live, and that’s not just in spreading the love with lots of bright colours. Did you know all our beads are 100% recyclable AND they all come with a lifetime guarantee that means if they break, we’ll fix them for you! All you have to do is send them to us with a £2 coin to cover postage, or bring them in if you’re passing by :)
Flip Flop wave beach rubbish art
So this summer we’re all about showing the planet some love. We’re calling it ‘Bag It Up’. Taking that extra bit of rubbish home with you. Recycling whatever you can and, as much as is possible, using a little less throwaway… To celebrate we’ve brought back our gorgeous Polka Dot cotton bags. Available in four of our favourite colours - Baby Pink, Mint, Electric and Ink, and the best bit is all three come with a matching limited edition Fine Bead Bracelet! 
Happy summer everyone.
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