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Art Deco

Art Deco

In homage to the Art Deco movement, Disco Beads has created an exclusive Limited Edition range using the striking style elements of Art Deco in combination with the bold use of a geometric polished surface.

The Art Deco movement (named after the art displayed at the 1925 Paris exposition) was a transformation in both the decorative arts and architecture.  It began in the 1920's and became a major style in Western Europe and the USA  during the 30's.  

Art Deco Jewellery20-30's jewelleryArt Deco Necklace 

Art Deco design was taking an external movement towards modernity and translating it into popular culture and fashion. Its inspiration was an attempt to produce  modern looking sleek, anti-traditional products both in individual crafted luxury items and mass-produced wares.  The overall aim was to create a sleek and anti-traditional elegance that symbolized wealth and sophistication and used materials suitable for expressing this new stylistic language.

The new style used smooth, polished, satined surfaces of precious metals, plastics or steel. Compositions were based around the interplay of geometric forms, using strong repetitive patterns and striking motifs.

Art Deco Style JewelleryDeco Jewellery

By the 1930s, mass production lines meant that everyone could live in the deco style. People began to travel more widely, and the discovery of Tutankhamun's Tomb led to the popularity of Sphinx and Pyramid designs whose shapes worked well in the new Art Deco bold block patterns.

We've had fun and taken this statement trend bang up to date and made Art Deco relevant once again!


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