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All Together Now...Recognise this babe?!

All Together Now...Recognise this babe?!

A competition with a twist, 'All Together Now' sees a range of talented singers take to the stage to perform in front of The 100 - a unique panel of music experts and performers from all over the UK. 

AND...our very own local singing legend 'Kyi', is in the 100 panel of judges!

Kyi began her career at a very early age when she wowed the local Cornish community with her incredible range and powerful voice.  At every event, Disco Beads attended, where she would be!  She frequently appeared at The Royal Cornwall Show, Hall for Cornwall, local music presentations with Stagecoach and her singing teacher's own presentations.  She quickly came to public attention and started travelling further afield, performing all over the UK and then abroad before she was 15!  Classically trained electronic singer/songwriter and vocal coach, you can see her work here:Kyi on Facebook - Check her out hereChekc out Kyi on Twitter

As her singing career bloomed, so did her beauty!  Being local to Disco Beads she soon became an obvious choice for modelling, appearing in many campaigns and catalogues!  Her beautiful images have stunned customers, web traffic and festival-goers alike, and we are so lucky to know her!

Kyi - Beautiful and Extremely Talented Kyi - Judge on All Together Now

It may sound like a charmed existence, but she has also had her share of hardships.  Ten years ago her mum was diagnosed with breast cancer and valiantly fought the battle and won.  Sadly, her cancer returned as secondary bone cancer last year and Kyi took some time out from the bright lights and big city to be near her mum.  Beautiful brave Angela, unfortunately, lost this battle, leaving behind a devastated family with the legacy of Angel Bones to continue her fight with.

So what is her music like? 
Kyi cultivates a landscape of electronic perfection, mixing soaring vocals and dirty baselines. Hers is a seductive mix of edge, grit and allure with just the right amount of weird to keep her audience coming back for more! Add a burnished beauty with an edgy look and you’ll understand why demand for this 22-year-old is so high. Having performed at events across the country including Kensington Roof Gardens, the O2 and sessions on London Live just to name a few, her fan base is a mix of ages and musical tastes – a measure of the ever-growing appeal of her brand.
On the programme, Kyi is one of the 100 judges who if they like what they hear can stand up, join in and sing along. The greater the number that join in, the higher the act’s score. At the end of the series, one act will walk away with the amazing cash prize!  

Don't miss it, and watch out for our very own Kyi! 

She ROCKS and we are so proud of her!

Check her on iTunes here

Spread The LOVE! x

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