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All about the Bunny!

All about the Bunny!

We love you, Easter bunny, and to prove it here are some random bunny facts:


1. Did you know that a rabbits teeth keep growing? Its where the expression long in the toothcomes from as older rabbits have longer teeth due to the slowing down of their metabolism.

2. Baby rabbits are born bald and are called kits.

3. The time between conception and birth is just one month, which explains why rabbits are such prolific breeders.

4. A group of rabbits together is called a herd.

5. The largest rabbit in the World is called Darius. Darius (who retired from active service last year) is the current Guinness World Record holder standing at 44and weighing a whopping 22.2kg! However, it is thought his son, Jeff, may well overtake himYou can read more about Darius here!

 Darius Giant Rabbit

There have been some brilliant character rabbits along the way too starring in some classic movies. What about Roger Rabbit? Watership Down? Peter Rabbit? Donnie Darko? My personal favourite though has to be the 1950 black and white classic, Harvey. If you havent seen it, please make it your Easter must-see. Its guaranteed to melt your heart and make you laugh all at the same time. James Stewart plays Elwood P. Dowd whose best friend in the whole World is a 63invisible rabbit.

 Bunny Pom Bracelet

So, to celebrate all things rabbit, we've created something just for you. The Bunny Pom-Pom Bracelet and Earrings ...Limited Edition Easter special! OBVIOUSLY THESE ARE NOT REAL FUR! Available here NOW! Now you can wear a bit of (fake) bunny everywhere you go this Easter holiday.


May the bun be with you!





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