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A Disco Bead for every Room

A Disco Bead for every Room

Ok so i’m gonna say it…...I’M OBSESSED, i am a bead addict, my love for the beaded jewellery has now gone from my neck, anklet and wrist to in and around my house! Beaded garlands hang around photo frames. last years festival head wear shines on the top of my mirror as a reminder of my previous Summer antics. 


I now have a Disco Bead in every room, including my en suite! There new home wares are perfect for adding a finishing touch to any corner of your environment. 

I like to hang things from wardrobe doors, nails on walls, curtain rails and even from my children's bed posts, every hook has the potential to become a Disco Bead hanger. My living space has now got a super shiny glow! 

Having pretty things in and around your home enables you to bring out your personality to your surroundings and as these are not permanent fixtures you can swap and change them depending on your colour scheme or decor, even according to the season! Its a lot cheaper than re-decorating a whole room or having to repaint over last season's wall coverings. The flower decoration brings the look of spring from outside in, I have hung mine on the top of my curtain pole!



The Wicker Hearts compliment any room, and come in all colour schemes. They also make great gifts to new homeowners or as little gesture of love. Mine hangs outside on the door to spread the love to my fellow neighbours!

All home decorations are limited edition as the fairies love creating and experimenting with new home pieces. Always keep up to date by checking the Disco Bead website regularly. This months new offering are wooden decoration bundles which can be bought together or alone they include a heart, star or bird. I love the wooden detailing, my heart is hanging in my car to bring me love on my commute home.

Home Decorations - Shabby Chic - Heart - Star - Bird

Happy Hanging, Get Decorating!

Big Love



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