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Pass on the Pasty! 3 Healthy Alternatives for Lunch in a Hurry

Pass on the Pasty! 3 Healthy Alternatives for Lunch in a Hurry

Salad Jars - Healthy Eating - Pasty Lunch

Visitors to our little shop in Mawgan Porth often comment how lucky we fairies are to work in such a beautiful location. We have to agree! However, being a little off the beaten track, we’re frequently tempted to pop over to the nearby pasty shop for a quick bite to eat during the busy Summer months!

Okay, so a treat every now and then isn’t going to do much harm, but succumbing to the temptation of Cornish ice cream, pasties and cream teas every day isn’t going to do our waistlines any favours!

So if you’re like us, and don’t have easy access to fresh, healthy food for lunch, why not check out our top tips for healthy eating on the hop?

Here’s a selection of a few of our favourite midday snacks. They’re all quick and easy to throw together, and by preparing your lunch in advance, you’ll also save yourself money.

Salad in a jar

This has got to be one of our FAVOURITE grab and go lunches! There are so many variations; you could eat this every day without ever getting bored. All you need is a largish jar with a screw on lid (an old pickle jar is perfect) and a variety of salad ingredients to throw in.

For example:

Rocket, tomatoes, crumbled feta, watercress, grated carrot,  iceberg leaves, olives, walnuts, dates, bean sprouts, beetroot, pickled onions, radishes, quinoa, add ham slices or cooked chicken if you are a non-vegetarian....whatever ingredients you have to hand in the fridge....

Now all you need to do is add a dressing of your choice, screw on the lid, shake and go! Use up leftovers and mix it up for a different combo every day.

Healthy Pot Noodles

Pnoodle-jar-quick-lunchacked with fresh nutritious ingredients, our healthy version of this popular snack is ready to eat in under 2 minutes. Just add boiling water.

You’ll need:

A re-sealable mason jar (the pot), Pre-cooked Ramen noodles, a stock cube, miso paste, or curry past,  a selection of finely chopped, raw veggies (eg: carrots, mushrooms, frozen peas, sweet corn, salad onions etc.)

Place the stock cube / miso paste / curry paste in the bottom of the jar, then top with noodles and your pre-prepared veggies. To “cook,” pour over boiling hot water and stir. Top with coriander, sliced chillies or grated ginger for added punch. Seal the lid for a couple of minutes to allow the flavours to infuse, and voila! Instant fresh noodles!


couscous - dinner - lunch - quickfix - healthy eattingCouscous is another great alternative to stodgy sandwiches. This simple salad is quick and easy to make, while also being great for those on a budget. Cook the couscous according to the instructions on the packet. Leave to go cold and store in the fridge. Once cool, add plump raisins, chopped coriander, chickpeas and cherry tomatoes and mix together. Now whisk together olive oil, lemon juice, ground cumin, ground ginger, salt & pepper to make a dressing to drizzle on top. The salad can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 days.

We find loads of recipes like this on Pinterest (where would we be without it!) Why not check out our boards to see what else we like to share?

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