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Which Beads Would the Disco Fairies choose for You?

Which Beads Would the Disco Fairies choose for You?

We love seeing our customers stop by the shop to try on our sparkly pieces. We can always tell when they’ve found the piece that’s just right for them by the “Aha!” look on their faces!

With that in mind, this week’s blog post is our way of having a little bit of fun.

Take our quick quiz to see which of our fabulous glowing products was made just for you!

 Make a note of the letters you choose then check the answer at the end!

How would you describe your jewellery collection?

    A)    I like to mix & match colours & styles to create my own look

    B)    I have a few special pieces that have sentimental value for me

    C)    I  prefer statement jewellery that makes me stand out from the crowd

    D)    I choose pieces that compliment my sexy outfits!

What would be your ideal getaway?

     A)   A weekend at Glastonbury

     B)    A forest / Yoga retreat

     C)    Spa date complete with 4 course dinner

     D)    Where else? Ibiza baby!

What’s your favourite film?

     A)    The Hangover

     B)    Avatar

     C)    The Devil Wears Prada

     D)    Fifty shades of Grey

Which eatery most tickles your taste buds?

     A)    Wagamama

     B)    The River Cafe

     C)    Steins seafood restaurant

     D)    A candlelit dinner at The Scarlet Hotel

Favourite musical artist?

     A)     Clean Bandit

     B)     Ed Sheeran

     C)     Adele

     D)     David Guetta 

So, according to the Disco Fairies You are.......

Mostly  (A)

You really are the life and soul of the party with your finger on the pulse of all the latest music trends. Boho chic with a layered look suits you right down to the ground. Our bracelet bundles are easy to mix and match, and are great for stashing in your rucksack for wherever your wanderlust takes you. The best thing of all is that if you’re saving for a trip, our bundle range will save you a fiver which you can put towards your next adventure! Check out our glowing range here!

Mostly  (B)

You are a thoughtful, sensitive, nature lover who appreciates the finer things in life and sees things for what they truly are. Your choice of accessories reflects your spiritual depth and questioning mind. When it comes to jewellery, you prefer to spend your money on unique pieces that hold sentimental value for you. Our beautiful Bird Pendants cast in Cornish pewter and designed in collaboration with our neighbours karaandDave, perfectly reflects your love of nature and generous attitude to everyone around you.

Mostly (C)

Self assured and confident, people love your bubbly nature and you’re always fun to be around. You always dress to impress, and your confident manner brings out the best in those around you. Your classy style means you prefer attention grabbing designs that really get you noticed. Dainty styles just aren’t your thing! Our stylish mini grad range is guaranteed to make any outfit special, and is the perfect choice for a sophisticated girl about town.

Mostly (D)

You’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd and love attention grabbing outfits that show off all your best bits! The first to the beach, the last one to leave the party, you love life and charge at it head on! Our gorgeous Venus anklet is the perfect piece for you. This jingle jangley premium product can only add to the aura of fun and mystery that surrounds you. Have fun honey bunny!


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Morrie - February 10, 2016

Pecrfet answer! That really gets to the heart of it!

Sarah - January 26, 2016

Bang on! I just bought a blue bird pendant and guess what I came out as!!!!! Love the bracelet bundles, I haven’t seen them in the shop so I’ll definitely be buying on-line. Thanks for introducing me to a new look!

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