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Free Shipping on UK orders £25+
5 Easy Ways to Shine, Feel Good and Earn an Income From Home!

5 Easy Ways to Shine, Feel Good and Earn an Income From Home!

If I told you there was one easy way to pimp up your wardrobe, be the envy of your friends and still make cash working from home at the same time, you’d be interested right?

Here at Disco Beads we have a whole team of people doing this right now! And you could be one of them.

So why would you want to join a company like us?

Coolness factor

The Disco Beads brand is fun, funky and home grown. It’s not like the same old, same old you can get on the high street. Our special reflective jewellery has a unique “cat’s eye effect” that will make you glow in every social occasion... check out the images here.

Get ahead of the trend

Our exclusive catalogue means you’ll get backstage access to our extensive and innovative collection which includes jewellery crafted from local pewter, as well as classic designs you can wear on the beach or in the ballroom.

Whopping discounts on the latest accessories

As a Disco Beads Ambassador you’ll get a mind blowing 25% discount on each and every product in our ever evolving range. Imagine how much you can save while at the same time pimping your wardrobe and earning hard cash!

Be Your Own Boss:

Have you ever thought how easy it could be to supplement your income with absolutely no overheads, no silly targets, and totally flexible working hours that fit around your day? Here at Disco Beads we have a friendly supportive team who are on hand to help you do just that as your business grows. With a choice of hosting parties or simply distributing catalogues, either way you still get to earn 25% commission and have a lot of fun in the process!

Maybe you already work from home as a mobile stylist or beauty therapist and are looking to add to your income stream?  Becoming a Disco Beads Ambassador will be perfect for you as your clients can  browse the catalogue and place additional orders that you can deliver on the next visit!

Easy money!

Who doesn’t like looking good! Once your friends see how amazingly cool you look in your glowing beads, they’ll all want a slice of the Disco Beads an Ambassador you’ll be the one they come to!

So what’s the next step?

Fill in the form and our Disco Fairies will be in touch!

If you’d like to find out more about our Catalogue and how the Ambassador scheme works feel free to contact us via email at

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Lisa - August 20, 2016

Do you do a large anklet I’m desperate for some new ones and was told u no longer do large xx

Sarah - March 13, 2016

I can highly recommend the Disco Ambassador Scheme. I have loads of fun selling these gorgeous shiny accessories, and of course the commission is great. Looking forward to seeing which new products will be launched in the new catalogue! Great stuff!

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