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3, Is The Magic Number!

3, Is The Magic Number!

Hello 2019! Hope you all had an awesome New Year full of sparkle. Well, tell you what, its only going to get sparklier from here on in (and even sparklier if you check out the NEW SALE ITEMS!)

As I mentioned in the last post , the Universal Number for this year in numerology is 3, which really does set the tone for all things good in 2019.


To work out the Universal number you have to create a single digit out of the current years numbers:


2+0+1+9=12, then 1+2=3. Bingo. The number 3!

The World over, 3 is considered to be one of the most powerful numbers there is. Just think of all the instances of 3: Mind, body and soul; Sun, the moon and the stars; Beginning, middle and end. The list goes on. It was the first number given the meaning allas it contains everything, and is fundamental to the Universe. 3 is the top, the bottom and the middle, and the power it holds couldnt be more exciting.
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These are just some of the positive attributes you can expect from a year with the Universal Number 3. It indicates the beginning of growth, curiosity, creativity and communication. The expression and development of energy, spirituality and optimism. One of the most lovely aspects of 3 is also its association with new beginnings and energetic childlike enthusiasm. We love that! Its basically a number full of positive transformational energy. Hurrah!
Then, when you combine that with Januarys colour of red in all its fiery goodness (watch this space for more on that one), you wont have any choice but to fly into 2019. Make it the year when you bring out your inner Andre Andre , be a cactus with attitude, go with the flow, ride the tide and never give up!
2019. Bring it on!
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