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10 Top Tips for Glastonbury!

10 Top Tips for Glastonbury!

It's here...Glastonbury Festival, the best week of the year!

To help make your Glastonbury unforgettable for the RIGHT reasons, here's our Top 10 Tip's!

Remember your wellies, waterproof coat and make sure your tent is waterproof!

Mud at Glastonbury Festival!

There is a 80% chance of rain, and Glastonbury is technically in Somerset (or 'Summer set'...the only time you should settle there traditionally because it is a flood plain!)  Just consider it a given that you will get wet and there will be mud, so anything you can do to save your clothes and sleeping bag from flooding is a definite must!

Take a toilet roll and ALWAYS carry some spare in your pocket!

Glastonbury Festival storm clouds

Sometimes it is the smallest things that can make or break a festival experience....the toilets will be hardcore enough, but when you run out of toilet roll at that crucial moment....well!

Bring hand sanitiser and baby wipes!

Glastonbury Festival Food

 Not only will you want clean hands for eating, but sometimes the layers of mud and glitter just NEED TO COME OFF!  

Glastonbury Festival Disco Dots and face paints

Pack some bin bags!

Once your stuff gets wet and muddy you want to be able to stash it effectively and hygienically...but PLEASE take it away with you at the end.  Love the farm, leave no trace!

Glastonbury Festival Rubbish


Highlight your MUST SEE favourites in the programme and maybe set an alarm on your phone!

Cold Play at Glastonbury Festival

The only difficulty with Glastonbury is that there are so many amazing bands to see....and just not enough time to see them all!  Sometimes things clash or are on at similar times in massively spaced out areas!  It can be a little frustrating, so to avoid missing your bucket list bands, study the Guide and make sure you plan a route that will cover your faves!  If you have a power bank or a means of charging your phone, you can make a schedule that you keep with you so you keep o track!

NOTE the nearest landmarks to your tent (buildings, trees, other tents, name posts)

Glastonbury Festival Williams Green

There is nothing worse than needing to sleep or escape from the rain and having ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHERE YOU ARE!  Make sure you know the name of your area, and what it is near so you can ask directions or follow them yourself!

If possible, put a distinguishing flag/reflective beads/sign on your tent pole!

Glastonbury Festival Disco Beads

When you realise JUST HOW BIG the site is a miracle that anyone manages to find their tents at all!  Try to camp somewhere distinguishable...near a tree, brightly coloured or differently shaped tent, slight rise....ANYTHING that just sets your area apart from the rest!  Carefully note which tents are near you and remember that at night in the dark THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME COLOUR!  Anything you can add to your tent to make it stand out is a bonus!

ALWAYS carry a bottle of water.

Disco Billy at Glastonbury Festival

Whether you are dehydrated because of 'sunny weather' or you just crash somewhere at night and wake up with a parrots cage for a mouth in the morning, you NEED that water!  It might literally save your life!

BRING a hat and sun cream.

Yes it does always rain...but sometimes it is also sunny, and getting burnt when you have limited home comforts and a tiny space to sleep is NOT FUN!  No one wants to be a lobster at Glastonbury and you don't want ANYTHING to limit your dance moves!

Disco Beads at Glastonbury Festival

Remember your glitter, sequins and any other party costumes!  

You will see it all at Glastonbury...why not be it all too?  Here is us with the amazing crew of Dolly Partons including the legendary Diddy Dolly....just doen't get any better than that!

Dolly Partons at Glastonbury Festival with the legendary Diddy Dolly!

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