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Serenity - Quatro

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  •  Our amazing Quatro necklace has four Disco Beads on a steel choker necklace, giving you 24 possible looks! Simply twist the barrel clasp to unscrew and choose the number, colour and pattern of beads to suit your look! Just simply slide the beads on and off the wire

    Collect the complete set for infinite possibilities. According to Tom, our numbers gnome, if you had all 6 it is a whopping 26 x 1036 combinations! (that's a really really long number)
    Go on, we dare you to try it! ;)
  • This Steel Choker necklace is 44cm long and looks great with any number of beads on it!

    Comes with four 20mm Beads which can be taken off and changed to suit your mood!
  • Solvents such as lotion and perfumes can affect the colour and shine of the Disco Beads jewellery, so every item comes with a care tag requesting that the wearer prevents any solvents from coming into contact with the jewellery.