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Crafter's Box

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Add some Disco Beads magic to any project you can imagine!

Perfect holiday crafting pack!

Please note this is Beads only. If you would like to use these to make jewellery then you can check out our Beading Basics kit with everything you need included. 

Here at Disco Beads, the Fairies make only the best quality jewellery. We take pride in ensuring that every bead we send out is shining to its full potential. But what happens to the beads that we don’t use? Well, we don’t just throw them away! We believe in no bead left behind and being responsible for our environmental impact.

The beads that we deem not perfect enough for our jewellery gets recycled into other things…like discounted Fairy Seconds bracelets, crazy accessories, even a massive bead curtain and, if you’ve been into our shop, you might have noticed our amazing stool that began life as an old truck tyre and a butt load of Fairy Seconds beads!

These Fairy Seconds boxes are our newest way to make sure that every bead gets to Glow.  Every box contains a selection of beads of various sizes and colours. We’ve included enough to make your very own graduated necklace, bracelets, or come up with your own idea. Share your results with us, we love to see your creativity!

Whether you're making your own jewellery that needs a little extra magic, or you have an art project that you think would benefit from the Disco Beads signature Glow...let your imagination shine!  Enough Beads to make the two necklaces and bracelets shown as an idea, with some spare beads. 

Each box contains 100 BEADS  in a selection of colours and these sizes:

               10 x 20mm

               10 x 18mm

               20 x 16mm

               30 x 14mm

               30 x 12mm

New in! Loose Beads Collection! We are making it even easier for you to make your own Disco Beads creations by selling packs of our beads in every colour, from 12mm all the way up to our massive 30mm beads! Get your Disco Beads supplies at great wholesale prices!

Make your own jewellery kits

Make your own Jewellery kits

Check out the following video for how to 'Make Your Own' Jewellery


About Disco Beads

Disco Beads are handmade in Cornwall by our amazing Disco Bead Fairies!

Each bead has a spherical mirror layer covered by a colourful coating so that when the light hits them they reflect and appear to glow like a cat's eye!

Disco Beads can be recycled and we offer a Lifetime Restring Guarantee!
Our ethos is to care for the world and the people in it. As a part of that, every order plants a tree to help combat deforestation, support poorer communities and help reduce global warming. For further information about our Environmental Policy click here.

Care Info: Perfume, lotion and any other solvents can affect the special surface of Disco Beads. As such we recommend our customers ensure that they keep all their jewellery away from such products. This will keep your Disco beads looking their best for the longest!

Disco Beads are popular across the spectrum of ages, being both easy to wear and great for dressing up or just styling a casual look.

Just a few reasons to buy Disco Beads:
  • Amazing and unique, highly reflective cats eye jewellery!
  • Family business spreading the love since 2010
  • Top quality, great value and handmade in Cornwall
  • Speedy delivery: UK postage £1.99 and free UK postage over £25
  • Friendly customer service
  • Rave reviews! Check them out here!