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Mindfulness 'Make Your Own' Kit

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This Limited Edition 'Mindfulness' Jewellery Kit is the perfect present for a mindful soul, yoga body, or to encourage your inner Buddha!

Each thoughtful Kit contains Snow Disco Beads, natural black Lava Stone beads, 2 sets of Chakra coloured Semi-Precious crystal and stone beads and Silver metallic highlights. Silver intention charms featuring Peace, Love and Joy add a mindful message to your jewellery.

There are also two charm features: one is a  coloured tassel that represents many strands combining together into one representing our connection with each other. Oneness.  The other is a silver Lotus Flower charm, representing how from muddy waters a beautiful flower can bloom, so from our busy minds an elevated state of peace, love and enlightenment is also possible.

Mindfulness kit - Close up of the lava beads and others in the kit

To help you find that peace yourself, there is also a scented candle for you to light and enjoy some candle gazing meditation and gentle light, and a Tiger Balm to place on sore points or pulse points to encourage self-awareness and healing.

An information sheet about Chakras, intention statements and candle gazing and healing balm is also included in the pack.

Use the design ideas below or let your creative juices flow! 

This amazing kit contains enough Super Fine (6mm) Beads, tags and string to get creative and make either 4 Bracelets, 1 Necklace and 1 Bracelet or 2 Bracelets and 1 Anklet.


  • Snow 6mm Disco Beads

  • Chakra coloured Disco Beads

  • Silver Metallic Beads

  • Lotus, Peace, Love and Joy silvered Jewellery Charms

  • 1 x Coloured  Tassels

  • 4 x Disco Beads metal Jewellery Tags

  • a string pack with Handmade by signs

  • Organza Bag

  • Lavender candle

  • Tiger balm healing ointment (this is a heat soothing gel - Do not use on sensitive areas or ingest!)

Instructions and advise included, and look below for  video instructions.


Make your own jewellery kits

Make your own Jewellery kits

Check out the following video for how to 'Make Your Own' Jewellery


Make your own Jewellery kit contents